Here are choice words from writer Marvin Hiles, a friend of mine:

Stillness is a form of knowing….Some day I will die to earth’s warm colors and I will know more fully what it is that has been pressing on me all my days like a shy animal at the foot of my chair.

Marv’s words wafted into my life this morning as I pondered the ideas that have captured me broadside in a book I’m about halfway through. The book is Time and the Soul by Jacob Needleman. I’ve never met Needleman personally, but he is no stranger to me in print.

If in turn Hiles’s words are some kind of wakeup call for you, drop everything and get hold of Needleman’s book. If you also believe owning your true presence is a key factor in your leadership and legacy, mastering Needleman’s content will take you where you need to be.