I’m known for a statement I make among my clients in top management: You don’t know s--- till you’re 50!

People with good judgment just get it somehow, but every once in awhile someone puts the impertinent question, “What on earth does that mean?”

If you’re a learner, here’s my take on what begins to happen to you, when you reach the half-century mark:

  • An undeniable gravity exerts itself on and within you—this is the most significant factor.
  • If you have kids, they’re usually pretty far along and have made their mark on you.
  • You’re more ready for a long-term horizon for your life:

-You have less to prove and more of what counts in hand.
-You’re more patient, more committed to let things happens than make them happen.
-You’re no longer getting there; life is more a matter of being there.

  • You hit stride somewhere between 36 and 43; now you can pause to ponder a poem, engage an idea from left field.
  • You’re ready to declare yourself on what you value.
  • You see to it that the right things get done.
  • You see your role as more model and teacher than doer.
  • You ask better questions.
  • You offer better advice.
  • You weigh choices quietly; pursue options with more certainty.
  • You are sought rather than seeking.
  • Your results arrive on a glide path; not shot from a rocket.
  • You take your leave with dignity, ready for next steps.

Today, you’re good as gold, facing un-mined perfection. If you live the learner’s life, tomorrow and the years ahead will ease into a revealed deliverance, a poise preferred beyond all expectation.

–Allan Cox