Just a little conversation...

Last year, I sat down and did an on-camera interview and discussion with my very insightful friend and former SVP of Walgreens, Randy Lewis. Our little talk produced 17 individual segments and 2 bonus clips loaded with my business expertise and case histories, much of it based on the central concept of Alfred Adler – the pioneering founder of Individual Psychology.

In a career that has spanned decades working with CEOs, Boards and top management in major corporations, I have helped them develop insights that are vital to succeeding in top jobs. Now you can watch these videos and learn first-hand from the best of my learning, teachings and case studies.

For more business expertise and insight, you can read my latest book, Your Place At The Table. Like my last book, The CEO In You, this book continues to pioneer the application of the powerful and practical ideas of Alfred Adler as I bring his genius to individual performance in corporate settings. I share stories, examples and offer first-class counsel on how to make yourself an invaluable asset in all your meetings. You'll belong because you walk into the room and sit down at the table with competence. YOU can be a true team catalyst.