San Diego, hit by a storm
is a city of joy.
There is a drought
and it still goes on.
The rain came as
a zephyr off the ocean,
beat on our skylight
like a bad drummer
and sucked me in
as I turned my ear.
The wind was a
slow-creeping giant
that finally ripped
with its powers
and captured my eye
with its force
on the palm trees
outside our windows.
What a lesson they
taught me in poise
and bending.
The wind went through them
as they showed grace and strength.
They were made
for this, their blades
cutting the air,
not as retort,
with no damage—
just a turnabout mystery
of nature.
Today they stand tall, loose,
poised for more to come,
refreshed sentries
reporting to duty.

–Allan Cox