Is fear our most impeding quality?
I say yes. True,

we’re taught rightly from birth
that fear can serve us well.
We know those times and
circumstances. So be it. Yet 

what undermines us is fear’s adult
falsehood—epidemic among us—
lies licking at our throats, a blade below
whittling away at our health till

the day we die, even hastening
that date. Even sooner, begun
in the garden of the hesitating
attitude, kudzu at the feet
of our life purpose. We’ve 

nurtured it by crafting
our shoulds, oughts and tries.
Good intentions, the sideshow,
purpose the main event.
Yours. What’s yours? Oh,

those distractions, the busiest
person on earth absorbed with
all but the one place where
he must put his eye. 

–Allan Cox