Caps are back in fashion
in town, especially for men.
This because baseball caps
and their offspring
are de rigeur among financial types
strutting their informality
along Wall and LaSalle,
crowning their tasteful top coats
and sensible shoes with this
regular guy adornment.

Sheep are sheep,
and I don’t give a rat’s ass
about any of this stylishness.
Prime reasons for a cap are,
first, to keep a bald head warm,
second, ordinary comfort for the
rest of us when weather is dire.

But there’s a third reason
why caps really work.
Bald or full pate, they’re care-free.
You could call them ploppers
or sling-ons, it doesn’t matter.
How often does anything sartorial
in our vain living allow us the ease
of grabbing a small object of apparel,
plopping it in its place by its bill and
going our way without stopping
to preen in the mirror?

–Allan Cox