Tired of being on teams that don’t work and waste your time? You know there are many teams that are successful, but you, and lots of other people, don’t know the secret to their success. Simply put, teams are essential. Without a team, there can be no comprehensive vision. Every member of your team should have a contribution to make or s/he doesn’t belong at the table. 

The average executive spends 17 hours a week in meetings and another six hours preparing for them. Ugh! Truth told, the only meeting worse than the one you’re invited to is the one you’re NOT invited to. Your goal should be to make a contribution to every meeting you attend. 

In his new book, “Your Place At The Table,” Allan Cox, respected business advisor to countless CEOs and top management, shares stories, examples and offers first-class counsel on how to make yourself an invaluable asset in all your meetings going forward. Cox provides a level of insight and sophistication that you won’t find anywhere else.

Allan will teach you how to turn your next meeting from a burden into a place where enlivened participants bring their best talents to the real job at hand. You’ll belong because you walk into the room and sit down at the table with competence. YOU can be a true team catalyst. 

Susan Cain’s New York Times best seller, “QUIET” rocked the world with the message that many of us do our best work and have more to contribute by working alone. Introverts of the world, Rejoice – you are not hanging out there by yourself! Cox believes this emphatically. He says, “Do your best thinking, then bring your well thought out concepts to your next meeting. Get in the game!”

Allan Cox has spent four decades working with CEOs and top executives. He’ll help you find the antidote to needless, dysfunctional group-think and habitual group formation. He can show you how to end ill-conceived, hash-it-out sessions where participants haven’t done their homework and have little to contribute to possible, positive solutions.

In “Your Place at the Table,” you’ll see examples and story after story while you nod your head in recognition. Take notes, there’s a lot here to absorb and then put into action around your own table.  Allan’s writing also spans four decades and includes such early bestsellers as “Confessions of a Corporate Head Hunter,” “Inside Corporate America,” “The Making of the Achiever” and “Straight Talk for Monday Morning.”

This new book is the sister to Cox’s “The CEO In You,” published last year. Both books pioneer the application of the powerful and practical ideas of Alfred Adler, and bring his genius to individual performance in corporate settings. (Look up Alfred Adler on Wikipedia and see how his prodigious/useful mastery of thought and reflection can be applied to your own life.) Cox knows things other people in his line of work don’t know. And, he flips them out like a line cook flipping breakfast pancakes.

Early in his career, Cox spent three years as a college teacher. This book shares intriguing insights for professors and students in undergraduate and graduate business courses. “Your Place at the Table” brings energized new shadings in ancillary reading to such courses as Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Human Resources and Career Planning.


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Allan Cox (allancox.com) is an author and advisor to CEOs and their top teams. He is founder of Allan Cox & Associates, Inc., and has authored 10 books published by Amazon and others including Simon & Schuster, Doubleday, Amacom, St. Martin's Press and Wiley. The two most recent are: (1) Change the Way You Face the Day, the first in a series of poetry-threaded reflections and questions designed for personal perspective and book discussion in groups of small size. (2) The second is When the Sun Shines Through. Others include the best sellers Confessions of a Corporate Headhunter (the first book ever written about the executive search profession), Inside Corporate America,The Making of the Achiever, and Straight Talk for Monday Morning. Cox has advised CEOs and top management teams of many corporations and not-for-profit organizations, including USG, Walgreens, Quidel, Motorola, Consolidated Communications, Columbus McKinnon, Kraft, Pillsbury, the Minnesota Vikings, Child Welfare League of America, and The Christian Century Magazine. For nine years he was a member of The Visiting Committee of The University of Chicago Divinity School. He also served for five years as Chairman of the Board of Chicago's Center for Ethics and Corporate Policy. He and his wife (Cher) work and live in Chicago.