Allan Cox is unique. Spend a few days with Allan, hang around casually, and find yourself engaged in thoughtful, introspective conversations about almost anything—who you are, where you come from, your impact as a model for others, and how you lead, for example. And for days after, you may still be thinking about what matters, and importantly, what doesn’t.
— Doug Bryant, President & CEO of Quidel Corporation (San Diego, CA)
With penetrating, action-oriented, real life insights, Allan Cox tells us more about harnessing the power of an organization than most managers will learn in a lifetime.
— Robert H. Beeby, President & CEO of Frito-Lay, Inc. (Plano, TX)
Allan provides leadership and vision to the C-suite with honest and “down to earth” thinking. He builds a platform for executives to think differently and honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses. All CEOs need that challenging thinking since it can be very lonely at the top. He is like a coach to a professional athlete who will continually make you stronger to lead through turbulent times!
— Jim Metcalf, Chairman, President & CEO of USG Corporation (Chicago, IL)
Allan Cox is a wonderful combination of hard head and soft heart, leavened with decades of experience in development: personal, executive, corporate. If you want a rich combination of intellectual and emotional intelligence brought to bear on YOUR development then partner with Allan.
— Christopher Weil, Founder and Chair Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
In a meeting I had with Allan a few months ago, he said, ”Two things mark a superior executive—judgment and timing.” His timing was perfect and perhaps and perhaps unbeknownst to him, he had given me a gift. I had just come from a session where I had presented a new idea to my colleagues and had been met with resistance. Frustrated, I had wondered “Why don’t they see it the way I do; isn’t it obvious?” No it was not. I had not seasoned the idea yet. I had to wait, stop selling and lose the emotion. I retracted, reworked, and waited for the right time, then presented the facts with less emotion and more empathy. The results were so much better. As Allan says, “People with no agenda can go where there’s no space. Somehow there is room for them.”
— Sona Chawla, Chief Operating Officer of Kohl’s Corporation (Menomonee Falls, WI)

“Better than a Red Bull. Allan Cox just keeps getting better and better.”

– Randy Lewis, author, “No Greatness Without Goodness.”


“Nicely packaged and well-wrought, with the potential to shake up many an executive’s conventional thinking.”

– Kirkus Reviews


"This warm, whimsical, wisdom-packed book will move you, motivate you, and inspire you in every area of your life."

– Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International


“Cox manages at least one thought-provoking idea per page."

– Chicago Sun Times


“Any executive who pays careful heed to the lessons in this provocative and stimulating book will be unlikely to misdirect his or her energies. Allan Cox has given us one of the most valuable works of its kind to be published in many moons.”

– Los Angeles Times Book Review


“You can use this book as a life compass.”

– Sharon Lebell, author, The Art of Living


“Expanding on the theory of Viennese psychologist Alfred Adler, he makes a solid case that professional, personal and spiritual aspects of life cannot be separated.”

– Victor Chan, Trustee and Founding Director, Dalai Lama Center, Vancouver, Canada


“Allan Cox provides an original way to unlock your creativity.”

– Jill Baumgaertner, Professor of English, Dean of Humanities and Theological Studies, Wheaton College


“Written with verve and insight.”

– Wall Street Journal


“Cox again has produced something refreshingly different from most of the secret-for-success manuals you find littering bookstore shelves.”

– Akron Beacon Journal


“Maybe in Allan Cox, we have found our ‘Thoreau of the business world,’ a writer who has both the experience and the sensitivity to deal with corporate ways of life with insight and compassion.”

– The Late Og Mandino, Editor-in-Chief, Success Magazine


“His candid report is full of wit and wisdom, and because he is an honorable as well as well as an honest man, he tells in fact a moral tale.”

– Wilbert E. Moore, Former President, American Sociological Association


“In elegant simplicity, Allan Cox offers the wisdom of years of living the time of his life.”

– Liz Strauss, Blogger Extraordinaire


“Redefining Corporate Soul is about repairing the broken connections between people, organization and purpose. A lovely little book.”

– Publisher’s Roundup


“This is an extraordinary book, beautifully written, and full of wisdom. It is highly recommended.”

– Directorships


“In sum, Cox and his associates have compiled the most comprehensive survey of corporate executives ever published.”

– Business Forum


“Allan Cox has supplied the essential raw material of nourishing discussion.”

– The Conference Board


“Cox explores the often untapped goals, agendas, and attitudes that can lead to—or derail—success as a leader.”

– Greg Wasson, President & CEO, Walgreen Co.


“A tart and refreshing book.”

– Chicago Tribune


“Allan Cox is one of the most original, practical and energetic of today’s management gurus. All managers—in fact, all people who work in organizations—ignore Cox’s advice at their peril.”

– James O’Toole, Daniels Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver


“His books display a spiritual grace, vitality, maternal and paternal warmth. He pushes us to test the ethos of love and death and ultimately heal the affected conscience.

– Theri Raby, M.D. The Raby Institute of Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago


"This latest book by master poet of the practical, Allan Cox, Change the Way You Face the Day, grabbed me with the first words of his first poem: "Are you on the road to stop?"

– Joan Kufrin, author, Write Tight, Edit Tough.


“Tightly organized…. And his boundless enthusiasm is offset by an emphasis on individual initiative and responsibility: you should apply the book’s lessons, not just use it to boost your self-esteem.”

– Kirkus Reviews


“Allan’s poems are a constant source of reflection, and I think ability to see poetry in one’s life as a senior executive is a supreme state of awareness, empathy, and reflection—a place where Allan dwells with elegance and eloquence. I am very grateful for what Allan’s work has triggered in me.”

– Annalie Killian, Director of Innovation, Collaboration and Communication, AMP Financial Services, Sydney, Australia


“He feels that all too often we are so occupied by our professional and personal lives that virtually no time is left for introspection. Forcing that self-examination is the major benefit of the book.”

– Forbes


"Allan Cox has been thinking all his life, as a student, college teacher, successful businessman, advisor, and consultant to anyone who needed his wisdom, about big questions of meaning, purpose, life and death, vocation, and authenticity.”

– John M. Buchanan, Editor & Publisher, The Christian Century


“A sage in our midst.”

– Dominic Dannessa, Sr. VP, Operations, USG Corporation


“The best take on what correlates with success. Cox has some entirely different and VERY useful thoughts that are bang-on; you’ll recognize ‘em, both the good and the bad, in yourself and in others. Timing is everything; if Cox had written this a few years later and had Covey’s contacts, this might have been the billion-seller and Covey’s book would be in remainders. Highly recommended.”

– L. Jolly, Amazon Review


“Allan Cox has thought long and well about corporate leadership and how our sense of self matters decisively. He is persuasive in his attention to the roots of our imagination and the lens through which we read reality. Readers will come to a new sense of freedom and a fresh discernment of self that generates credible leadership and authority.”

– Walter Brueggemann, Th.D., Ph.D., Theologian, author of many books


“This is a life-changing book—one of those rare books that achieves far more than it promises. Allan Cox challenges us to understand the fundamental forces underlying our behavior. These are forces that lead to either success or failure. Since these forces are fundamental, they don’t apply just to business, but to all relationships. The CEO in You isn’t a book that you simply read, it’s one you live. Living it will not only maximize your potential for success, it will provide a better life for all those who surround you.”

– Robert Genetski, Ph.D., Economist, author, Classical Economic Principles & The Wealth of Nations


“You get a perspective of what’s really important.”

– Mark Wagner, President-Operations & Community Management, Walgreen Co.


“So with doggerel and wit, corporate headhunter and fine proseman tells secrets out of school.”

– Wall Street Journal